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We get that insurance plans can be a real mystery at times. If you're confused about your insurance plan, don't worry. You aren't alone. We're here to help. Most policies are fairly straightforward in terms of what procedures are covered and how much you have to pay. 

What we will do for you

1. When you book an appointment with us, we will communicate with your insurance company to find out what is covered under your plan. If any treatment procedures require pre-authorization or "pre-determinations", we will send these for you. Sometimes the insurance will immediately provide pre-authorization results, while others have turnaround times of up to a month. This depends heavily on your insurance plan and the treatment procedure in question. If the appointment is booked before a pre-authorization is completed, coverage cannot be guaranteed.

2. At the end of your appointment we will always be happy to direct bill, as long as your insurance plan allows it. If you prefer to claim yourself, or remit payment to yourself rather than the clinic, we can accommodate that as well. 

3. We're here to answer your questions! 

What you need to understand

1. While we do our best to help you out, but ultimately you are responsible for your own insurance plans. To avoid surprise charges, you are always free to pre-authorize procedures with the insurance plans yourself. We are happy to facilitate this by only performing the procedures authorized by you. 

2. Some insurance companies are very tight on patient security. As a result, they may only provide pre-authorization or claim details to you leaving our clinic in the dark regarding your coverage. To minimize the risk of surprises, it is up to you to forward us the coverage details.

3. Despite our best efforts, surprises do come up. Insurance plans sometimes have nuances in their coverage requirements and may not always be predictable. In the rare case something unexpected happens, we ask for your understanding.

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