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Dr. Jun Chen

General Dentist

Dr. Jun Chen holds a Doctoral Degree in Dental Medicine and a Master's Degree of Medical Science in Dentistry. Dr. Chen has practiced dentistry since 1996 and is experienced in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatments, and crown and bridge treatments. Dr. Chen is a strong believer in continuing education; he consistently updates his knowledge of new techniques and findings, and regularly enrolls in continuing education courses.


In his spare time, Dr. Chen often takes pleasure by watching movies with his daughter or reading stories to his son. Dr. Chen also enjoys activities like cycling, photography, and learning various new skills. Dr. Chen considers himself a handyman and is apt with DIY home renovations. He is looking forward to passing his skills and know-how onto his children. 

Dr. Danielle Engel

General Dentist

The past 30 years I’ve practiced general dentistry have proven to be such a blessing. Not only do I have the opportunity to create functional and beautiful smiles for my patients, but I get to do so with a team. Without them, my work would not be possible.


I attended dental school at the University of Manitoba. I am a member of several professional associations, including the Canadian Dental Association and the Alberta Dental Association and College.

A native of Montreal, Quebec, I previously resided in Red Deer, Alberta for many years and now moving to Calgary. My life has been made whole with a wonderful, loving family. My oldest son, David, and his wife Jinny have given us three grandchildren, Andrew, Elliott, and Madison. I also have a daughter, Melody, who is married to Aaron, and have 2 daughters Bex and Bryn and our youngest daughter Elizabeth, is married to Darcy and is expecting their first child and finally my youngest one, William is studying at University of Calgary to become a computer programmer.

I like staying active in my free time, biking, swimming, and dancing, and also enjoy sewing and reading. My dedication to my faith reinforces my belief that none will be lost and the good news of Jesus will be spread all over the earth.

Dr. Gurpreet Sandhu

General Dentist

Bio coming soon

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