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Crowfoot Crescent Dental is now offering both in-office and take-home whitening solutions. We utilize the Zoom® Whitening System to achieve lasting results in only one treatment.  Please contact our office for more details.

How does teeth whitening work?


Your teeth whitening journey starts with a free consultation with our dentist.  Our dentist will assess your oral hygiene, overall health, and other lifestyle factors to determine if whitening is the right choice for you.  A hygiene appointment is usually recommended prior to whitening for optimal whitening results. 


Our in-office treatment involves a gel coating of your teeth and subsequent light treatment with the Zoom® Whitening System. There are optional take-home trays for maintenance of results. This is the option with the most immediate results.

Our specific take-home treatment involves taking an impression of your teeth to make customized take-home whitening trays. You can choose between the daytime or nighttime trays.

Our nonspecific take-home option does not involve an impression of your teeth, and instead uses a one-size-fits-all mold of your teeth. This treatment is stronger than your over the counter solutions, but does not have the specificity and effectiveness of the aforementioned options.

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