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Dr. Jun Chen

General Dentist

Dr. Jun Chen holds a Doctoral Degree in Dental Medicine and a Master's Degree of Medical Science in Dentistry. Dr. Chen has practiced dentistry since 1996 and is experienced in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatments, and crown and bridge treatments. Dr. Chen is a strong believer in continuing education; he consistently updates his knowledge of new techniques and findings, and regularly enrolls in continuing education courses.

Having been born to a well-respected Gynecologist, Dr. Chen recognized the value of quality patient care from a very early age. His mother's passion to help people soon became his own. According to Dr. Chen, the most enjoyable aspect of dentistry is the opportunity he gets to interact with people of all ages and personalities.

In his spare time, Dr. Chen often takes pleasure by watching movies with his daughter or reading stories to his son. Dr. Chen also enjoys activities like cycling, photography, and learning various new skills. Dr. Chen considers himself a handyman and is apt with DIY home renovations. He is looking forward to passing his skills and know-how onto his children. 

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